Isn't It Time to Turn In That Old Jalopy?

You're driving along the highway late at night when your decades-old Buick starts bucking like a bronco, chuffing black smoke from its exhaust pipe. You hit the accelerator but instead of steadying the engine, your auto erupts into several concussive shakes and clatters before stalling out and leaving you stranded on a desolate road. You call the tow company but later find out that your repair is more expensive than the value of your car. Has this ever happened to you? If so, there's a solution.

Who We Are

We're Cash for Junk Cars National City and we buy cars in National City, California. But we also pay cash for trucks, vans, mini vans and SUVs--any brand or any model. Don’t worry about the condition of your vehicle because we’re looking for motor vehicles of all types, even if you can't start them. So don't just search for some auto salvage joint in the yellow pages and practically give your car away. And don't pay to have your car towed because we'll do it for you for free. We'll also pay you a reasonable amount in cash for your used automobile.

Friendly Customer Service

When you call us, you can expect friendly and top-notch customer service. We'll even provide you with a quote for your used car after you provide us with some basic information. Just tell us the make and model of your vehicle, the year, general condition, problems and damage it's sustained and information on any missing components or parts. We'll then provide you with an approximate cash value. You can also submit your request online.

Some of the Vehicles We Take

  • Cars that are wrecked and demolished in accidents.
  • Vehicles that are ruined by smoke and water damage.
  • Junkers that no longer run. - Any car, truck or vehicle you no longer want.

How Our Program Works

You call or write, requesting more information about our clash for clunkers program. Tell us a little about the condition of your car and we'll provide you with a quote. We'll then arrange a time and location to pick up your car. One of our experienced auto removal technicians will then pick up your vehicle, pay you cash and provide you with a receipt. We'll take your vehicle to our junkyard facility and either sell the useful parts or sell the entire vehicle as a fixer-upper. Some parts may be sold for scrap metal and recycled.

So get rid of that car that no longer runs and let us pay you cash for it. Your neighbors will certainly appreciate it. In return, we ask that the vehicle be at least 10 years old, owned by you and registered in your name. We have many satisfied customers and know you'll be happy with our service as well.